Technical Note: TN0051 - Rev 04

The SP PRO is designed to export renewable energy not being consumed by the load to the grid. In some circumstances, whereby the grid is unable to accept any exported solar the SP PRO in On-Grid mode can be set not to export any renewable energy.

The Inhibit Export function is controlled via a digital input. A digital input must be wired with supply to be permanently asserted. In the example below, Digital Control Input 4 is utilised.  

The Battery Positive and Negative connections can be taken from the 12 V 1A power supply located on the lower serial communications circuit board. 

SP PRO Configuration
The Inhibit Export Input must be configured to the Digital Input that has been wired permanently to supply, in the example Digital Control Input 4.

Test Operation With the SP PRO configured and the Digital Control Input wired, the SP PRO will not export to the grid. ƒ
  • Check the Digital Input Status (Data View – Technical Data) and verify it is Active. ƒ
  • Monitor the battery voltage and AC Source power (Data View – Now) during renewable production. ƒ The AC Source Power will reduce to zero as the renewables supply the connected loads. ƒ
  • When the renewables are greater than the connected loads, the AC Source Power will not go below zero and the battery voltage will begin to rise above the current charge voltage target.
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If the AC Source power reduces to a negative value, check the configuration and wiring.

Additional Information
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