Technical Note: TN0047 - Rev 05

Restoring to Factory Default settings 
The following procedure will restore factory defaults - Off Grid, Voltage Control mode, sealed battery voltage defaults. 

Before restoring factory defaults it is highly recommended that the configuration settings be downloaded from the SP PRO (Configuration settings > Get SP PRO’s Configuration). 

NOTE: For Firmware versions 8.14 and above, restoring factory defaults will require a configuration to be sent to the SP PRO before it will start. 

  • Set SP PRO in Idle mode with a long press of the ON button (ON LED will flash orange) 
  • Press and hold buttons B as shown, all LEDs will go off except AC Source, Transfer and AC Load if external AC supply is feeding through to AC loads. 
  • Whilst continuing to hold B, press C to select from following options - 
    • Green LEDs = Factory defaults
    • No LEDs = Factory default settings will NOT be restored. No change to any setting 
  • Release all buttons, wait 10 seconds until LED display is stable. 
  • Factory Defaults as selected have been restored. 
  • Connect SP LINK and configure the SP PRO with the required configuration. 

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Additional Information
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