Technical Note: TN0040 - Rev 03

The QuickView screen in SP LINK provides a comprehensive overview of any SP PRO systems operation. SP LINK can be set to automatically connect and switch to the QuickView screen enabling rapid access every time SP LINK starts. When enabled, SP LINK will connect to the last site accessed and switch to a full screen display of QuickView.

During installation, SP LINK 6.0 and later automatically create the QuickView shortcut on the desktop.

Enabling Automatic QuickView
Enabling Automatic QuickView requires an option to be added to the SP LINK shortcut.

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  • Right click on the SP LINK icon and select Properties

  • Select the Shortcut tab

  • Add to the end of the Target line: "/QuickView"
NOTE: The target line may not allow any changes. If not follow steps under Create a new SP LINK shortcut.

  • Click OK

Test SP LINK Shortcut
Double click the SP LINK QuickView shortcut. SP LINK will start without showing any of the normal start-up screens, connect to the last accessed site and switch to the QuickView display.

If this doesn’t happen, re-check the shortcut target option is correct.

TIP: If you copy this shortcut into the Windows Startup menu then SP LINK will start and connect every time the computer is turned on.

Create a new SP LINK shortcut

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  • Right click on the desktop, select New > Shortcut

  • Type in location and file name of SP LINK or browse to the location, select SP LINK and click OK

NOTE: SP LINK will typically be installed at: C:\Program Files\Selectronic SP LINK\SP LINK.exe as shown.

  • Click Next

  • Enter a name for the shortcut e.g. SP LINK QuickView

  • Click Finish

This new shortcut for SP LINK will allow the addition of the /QuickView option.

Additional Information
Visit the Selectronic: Knowledge Base or contact Selectronic via the Customer Portal.