Technical Note: TN0034 - Rev 10

This procedure provides instructions for updating the SP PRO firmware. This only needs to be performed if you have been specifically requested to update the firmware. The firmware is updated using SP LINK and can be updated either on-site or remotely through

  • Restart – refers to a system power cycle, shutdown and reboot, of the SP PRO.
  • Restore Factory Defaults – restores the SP PRO factory default settings, while retaining firmware version.
  • Powerchain – Multiple SP PRO units configured as a single phase, three phase or split phase system.
Download and install the latest version of SP LINK BEFORE updating the SP PRO firmware.

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Firmware Notice
Any Grid Connected SP PRO systems installed in Australia or New Zealand after 18/12/2022 must comply with inverter standard AS/NZ4777.2:2020. Please refer to current CEC listings  for models which have been certified.
With this firmware update, which can be used for both on-grid and off-grid sites, it is strongly recommended to Restore Factory Defaults as part of the firmware update process. The recommended steps to configure the site as well as when to initiate the factory default, are outlined below.

State of Charge (SoC)
With unmanaged lithium or lead-acid batteries the SP PRO may default to 85% SoC after every reset. The SP PRO must restart after the update for correct operation with the new firmware. Please note that SoC may be inaccurate after a DC power cycle or firmware update, unless the batteries are fully charged to float without connecting site loads. It is a good idea to record the present value of SoC, so that afterwards the SoC can be re-entered using the Reset SoC function under Service Settings.

Before updating firmware
After the latest version of SP LINK has been installed on your PC, start SP LINK and connect to the SP PRO. It is recommended that the current configuration settings be downloaded from the SP PRO inverter and saved to your site file before updating the firmware. This can be done by:

1. Connecting to the SP PRO.

2. Select the Configuration Settings tab.

3. Click the Get SP PRO’s Configuration button.

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4. Save Configuration settings.  (File > Configuration Settings > Save)

Firmware Update Procedure
Start SP LINK and connect to the SP PRO. Select File > Firmware Update...
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The SP PRO Firmware Update window will appear and show the Current SP PRO Firmware Information next to the new details.   

  • Click Update Firmware and Restart SP PRO on Completion.
SP LINK will begin the update process. There are several stages and this can be monitored in the Status area.

For systems with multiple SP PROs, where Powerchain is configured, all Inverters will be updated by connecting to the L1 system manager only.

NOTE: If firmware is already up to date then the “Update firmware and restart SP PRO
on completion” button will be disabled

Where necessary, Switch to Manual Mode permits loading specific firmware files or updating individual units only. In most cases, we suggest consulting with Selectronic support before using Manual Mode.

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Manual Mode - Step 1
  • Select Use the Firmware included in SP LINK or Click Browse for a specific file. 
Manual Mode - Step 2
  • In a Powerchain system, Manual Mode updates only the currently selected inverter. 
    In “Select Inverter”, select each inverter in turn to have the firmware updated. 
  • If either the SP PRO or Comms Card are already the latest version, they can be unchecked if you wish.
  • Click Program SP PRO.
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On completion, Status will show “Firmware Transferred to SP PRO. Proceed with Step 3.”

Manual Mode - Step 3

The SP PRO must be restarted to complete the firmware update.  During the reset, AC load power will be interrupted if there is no external source. There are two options:

 Option 1 – Immediate Restart

Click Restart SP PRO Now.

The SP PRO will reset and the Firmware Update window will close.

Option 2 – Scheduled Restart

Under Scheduled Restart Time, select a time when a brief interruption is most convenient.

The SP PRO uses 24 hour time. 

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  • Click Set Scheduled Restart.
    The SP PRO will restart at the scheduled time and continue to operate normally.

    (If you change your mind about the scheduled restart time, simply set a new value which will override the first. Or if you Click Restart SP PRO Now, the inverter will be reset immediately and any scheduled restart will be cleared.)
  • Click Close.

With either option, when the SP PRO restarts it will appear to be off for up to 3 minutes and then revert to operation state according to the Power Up Output Mode setting.

Firmware Update is now complete.

Restoring each SP PRO to Factory Default settings
It is now important to perform a restore factory defaults on all of the SP PROs in the system after updating firmware version. This restoration to default factory settings can only be achieved using a three-button press on the SP PRO.

Considerations before restoring the SP PRO to Factory Default settings

  • The SP PRO must be in Idle mode.
  • After restoring to Factory Default, the SP PRO will not run until it is reconfigured. SP LINK must be used to send a configuration to the SP PRO before it will run.
  • It is highly recommended that the current configuration settings be downloaded from the SP PRO (Configuration settings > Get SP PRO’s Configuration).
  • Complete this step by saving the Configuration settings. (File > Configuration Settings > Save) to ensure a backup of the latest configuration.
  • In Powerchain systems, each SP PRO must have Factory Defaults restored in turn.

To restore Factory Defaults

A. Ensure the SP PRO is in Idle mode. (ON LED flashing Yellow)  If necessary, long press of the On button.

B. Press and hold the Generator and Alarm buttons.

C. While still holding these two buttons, when the SP PRO beeps, short press and release of the On button.

D. All Green front panel LEDs will come on. Release the Generator and Alarm buttons.

E.  Wait 10 seconds. The SP PRO will now reset and go through the start-up sequence.

  • You will hear 3 short beeps after all buttons released. When successful, the On LED will flash red, indicating the SP PRO is unconfigured.
  • Restoring Factory Defaults will clear all configuration settings but not firmware.
  • Connect again to the SP PRO and configure the SP PRO with the previously saved configuration.

NOTE: For SP PRO Series 2i, communication will be reverted to the External DB9 connection. If the internal RJ45 was being used, e.g. with Select Live, it will be necessary to connect using the USB port to re-establish the configuration. Restart the SP PRO connected to

For systems with multiple SP PROs, where Powerchain is configured, all SP PROs must have factory defaults restored individually. Recommendation to first perform restore factory defaults on the L1 system manager, then the phase managers, then worker units. Once completed, reconnect to L1 system manager. The Powerchain Assignments must be reassigned as well as the SP PRO system configuration reloaded.

NOTE: System Manager may take up to 5 minutes to become responsive.


Ensure that the unit application is correct in the configuration settings. If this has changed, it is recommended to run a new site configuration wizard. 

For further info please refer to Powerchain document: 

After Restoring Defaults 
tart SP LINK and connect to the SP PRO. Load the previously saved Configuration file into SP LINK. Make any required changes to your configuration settings.

Note: If you are updating from a version of SP PRO firmware that is less than 7.00 to a version of firmware that is 7.00 or higher, please be aware that some settings will no longer be active and reprogramming Configuration Settings may be required. For full details see the document “Migrating Legacy Settings” in the Help menu within SP LINK

Program your previously saved configuration settings into the SP PRO using the Configure SP PRO button. 

If the Configuration settings change the RS232 Port to the Internal Port then the SP PRO must be restarted before this setting is enabled.
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If required, reset SoC to the required level in the Service Settings tab of SP LINK.

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When setting up a new grid connected site using SP LINK’s Site Configuration Wizard, a configuration prompt will default to “Solar Hybrid (AS/NZ4777.2:2020)”.

Select via the dropdown a Region and chose the appropriate Region (voltage settings) based on the options listed below:

  • Australia A – Large Interconnected Systems e.g. Eastern National Energy Market (NEM)
  • Australia B – Small Interconnected Systems e.g. Western Australia
  • Australia C – Remote Power Systems e.g. Horizon Power
  • New Zealand – All Systems in NZ.

 NOTE: “Solar Hybrid (On Grid)” must only be selected for grid connected systems installed prior to December 18th, 2021.

If unsure, please contact your relevant Distributor.


Additional Information
Visit the Selectronic: Knowledge Base or contact Selectronic via the Customer Portal.