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Installation Note:  IN0054  - Rev 15

Installation of with SP PRO


Thank you for purchasing This product will allow you to monitor your SP PRO system wherever you have an Internet connection.

This instruction will show how to install the (Order code 005283) for the SP PRO. The SP PRO series I also needs Adaptor Kit (Order code 005290).

This product is suitable for single phase or Advanced Multiphase (three phase and split phase) systems.

For more information view 

Contents of Packing  (Order code: 005283)

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Wall Mount Plate



Communication Cable



Wall Mount Screws and wall anchors



Double Side Mounting Strip



Small screw Adaptor kit for SP PRO Series I (Order code: 005290)

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12V DC power adaptor



Powered Console cable



25mm Gland



70mm long Wire Sleeve

Installation of the

1.    Mount your on the wall as per the following requirements:
 a.  The ambient conditions at the mounting location must be suitable for the operation of the (see   “Specification” section)

b. The mounting location must have access to your Wi-Fi network if you are using a wireless connection for internet access.

2.    Connect your to the SP PRO inverter, using the supplied communication cable as shown above to power the device and communicate with SP PRO.

For SP PRO Series I inverter, you must purchase the Adaptor kit for SP PRO Series I (Order code: 005290).

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The Gland and Sleeve must be used to fasten the Power Console cable to the gland plate located at the bottom of the SP PRO as shown.

Image Placeholder setup for Internet

1.    Turn ON the SP PRO. After a minute, you should see the following message on the screen of your 

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2.     From your computer or mobile, connect to the using Wi-Fi SSID: “selectronic” with no password.

3.     To setup the, open a web browser and enter The web link will then direct you to the setup web interface.

4.     Click on the “Setup Wizard” button to auto-detect the SP PRO. Select your preference of Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

  • If Wi-Fi is selected, then provide your Wi-Fi SSID and password to connect the Internet.
  • If Ethernet is selected, choose DHCP Enabled ON or OFF. For DHCP Enabled OFF, you must provide static IP, Netmask, Gateway and DNS address to connect to the Internet.

Note: If Ethernet is selected, connect a network cable from the to the modem or router after the Setup Wizard is completed.

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5.     Once the Setup Wizard is complete, wait approx. 30 seconds and then the following display will appear on the display screen. Your is now ready to register for the Portal using Device ID and Serial.

6.     Note down the Device ID and Serial. This will be used for Portal registration.

7.     Note: If Ethernet is selected, connect a network cable from the to the modem or router after the Setup Wizard is completed.

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Image Placeholder Portal Registration

1.     Browse to the Portal ( ) and click on “Not registered yet?”
Complete the form to register your account.
A verification email will be sent to you. Follow the instructions to activate the account.

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2.     Log in to your account and register your by clicking “Add a system”.

3.     Enter the Device ID and Serial in the appropriate location as shown below.

4.     Leave “Access required” as User.

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5.     Congratulations, you have successfully completed the setup for Now you will be able to see your SP PRO system in the Portal’s Systems page.

Granting Access to your installer

If you wish to allow your installer to also have access to your system then you must grant your installer access. By default, your installer will not have access to your system.

1.     Select the system that you wish to grant installer access.

2.     Go to the “Settings” menu and under SYSTEM SETTINGS check the box “Allow installer access”. Once the installer has added access to their login their name will appear beside this setting.

3.     Give your installer the Device ID and Serial.

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4.     Your installer will “Add a System” under their profile and set “Access Required” to “Installer”.
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If successful, the system will be added. System name, Status, SoC, Production, Purchased and Consumption appears in MY SYSTEMS of the System Page as shown.

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If you are the Installer then the system will be listed under OTHER SYSTEMS.

Image Placeholder is successfully added to Portal.


Monitoring of the system

  • System Page: This is the home page where all the systems are listed and a new system can be added. By clicking on System Name, the system’s Dashboard page can be viewed.
  • Dashboard Page: This page shows the power flow animation, Load Powered By, System info, environment contribution and energy chart of the selected system from the System page.
  • Event Page: This page shows historical and current events the selected system from the System page.
  • Settings Page: This Page allows users to change system name and solar size; and delete selected system.
  • My Profile Page: This Page allows users to change user detail and account password.
  • Select.Live – Remote Connection : Click here to view the SP LINK Manual





150mm x 150mm



LCD display

128px x 64px

Housing material

UV stabilized PC+ABS

IP rating


Operating temperature

-10 to 70°C

Operating humidity

5 to 95% humidity




802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

Wireless range

100m max, line of sight. Several factors could reduce this range.

Wired connectivity

Serial RS232, 10/100 Ethernet

Wired connection length

Up to 5m for Serial RS232

Outbound ports.

(If you are behind a corporate firewall check with your administrator that these outbound ports are open).

Service                               Protocol                                 Port

HTTPS                                 TCP                                           443

Secure Tunnel (VPN)        UDP                                          11789

Network Time                   UDP                                          123

Power Supply


Power Method

DC adaptor or Communication cable (Power over serial)


6V to 24V, 1A Max

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Using Internal RJ45 Serial Port

The Select.Live unit comes standard with the ability to connect to the external DB9 port.  You may also use the internal port by making a cable with the following connections.

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This cable can easily be made using a standard Type A “CAT5” patch lead.  Cut one end from this lead.  This end will connect to Select.Live.  Connect the following four wires into RJ45 connector as shown:

Image Placeholder RJ45

Connect as shown below for the Green Communications Card.  Connect and configure as shown for the Blue/Black Communication cards:

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                                  Blue/Black Card Configuration

A DC power cycle of the SP PRO must be performed after changing ports in SP LINK in order for the change to take effect.


Setup problem

1.    I could not find the “selectronic” Wi-Fi SSID.


  • Your is not powered ON
  • Wi-Fi of your is connected to a network


  • Make sure your SP PRO is turned ON
  • Check the power connection to the and check if any text is displayed on the screen to indicate the device is ON.
  • Factory reset your to reset the Wi-Fi connection and use the Setup Wizard to connect to the Internet.


2.  How do I factory reset the

Press and hold the’s Reset button for 10 seconds. The device will start up again after about a minute. You will need to remove the unit from the wall to access the Reset button.


3.  My could not auto-detect SP PRO.


  • The connection between the SP PRO and the is not correct.
  • Your SP PRO login password is different to the default password “Selectronic SP PRO”


  • Check your connection between SP PRO and as per the instructions.
  • Enter the SP PRO login password during the Setup Wizard and click AutoDetect to check.


4.  The portal could not connect to my


  • Your is not setup
  • Your is not connected to any network. shows “Cloud:No LAN” and “IP: Unknown”
  • Your is connected to a network but does not have an Internet connection. shows “Cloud:ERROR” and “IP:” as X.X.X.X format.


  • Run the Setup Wizard from the web interface.
  • Check your display screen. If “Cloud: OK” is displayed on the device’s screen then the Internet is connected to the device. Otherwise run the Setup Wizard from web interface to re-establish the Internet connection.


5.    I could not find Device ID and Serial number.

After completing the Setup Wizard, wait approx. 30 seconds. Device ID and Serial number will be shown on the display. Alternately, the Device ID and Serial number are also shown on the home page of web interface. 

Additional Information
Visit the Selectronic: Knowledge Base or contact Selectronic via the Customer Portal.