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Installation Note: IN0055 - Rev 03 

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The SP PRO Managed AC Coupling provides a method of linking the SelectSun three phase string inverter to the SP PRO via the AC Load supply so that regardless of whether the grid or a generator is connected, the SP PRO can manage and control the SelectSun three phase string inverters. The SelectSun can only be AC coupled with SP PRO inverters in Powerchain Three phase configuration.

NOTE: This document needs to be read in conjunction with the SP PRO Instruction Manual and SelectSun Instruction Manuals.

 Select Sun models
 Wireless Kit
 System Application
 SelectSun 20k
Order code: 005301
 Order code: 005326
 Off Grid and On Grid
 SelectSun 40k
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 Order code: 005326
 Off Grid and On Grid

Important Information

  • The SelectSun can only be configured while minimum 200Vdc is applied to the solar inputs.
  • For Wireless RS485 communication please order the SelectSun Wireless RS485 link kit (Order Code: 005326).
  • To extend the range of the wireless devices, please order the Patch Antenna (Order code 004810).

Additional Information

For more installation information go to: Knowledge Base - Manuals

This document applies for SP PRO Series 2 and 2i Rev 21 and above.

Installation Check List

The follow list summarises the steps taken to set up a SelectSun in a Managed AC Coupled system. Once the system has been installed, use the following list to check off that each step has been completed.

  • Install SP PROs as per manual
  • Install and configure batteries
  • SP PRO firmware requirement: 11.00 or higher
  • SelectSun AC wiring
  • SelectSun communications connection for SelectSun Inverter 01
  • SelectSun communications link for multiple installed SelectSun Inverters
  • Configure SP PRO
    • NOTE: The SP PRO must be configured via SP LINK “Site Configuration Wizard” before configuring SelectSun Inverter
  • Configure the SelectSun inverter for the first time
  • Test system function

The Overview

The diagram below shows a managed AC coupled system with five SelectSun inverters.

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System Requirements

To successfully install an SP PRO SelectSun managed system, there are particular requirements that need to be met.

  • Combined maximum AC output of all the connected SelectSun inverters must not exceed twice the continuous rating of the SP PROs.

  • Battery bank must be sized to suit the SP PRO model and the combined maximum AC Output power of the SelectSun inverters.

  • SP PRO inverter must have firmware version 11.00 or greater.

  • Maximum of five SelectSun inverters per system manager or phase manager - 15 total per system.

Minimum Battery Capacity for Solar Hybrid & Off Grid Systems
Each application will have a minimum battery capacity and a maximum allowable PV, please refer to the battery manufacturers data sheet as well as the guidance given in the SP LINK Site Configuration Wizard.

  • For a Solar Hybrid (grid connected) system, the minimum battery capacity that must be connected to the SP PRO varies depending on SP PRO model. When the system is islanded (e.g. during a grid outage) the SP PRO will limit the output of the AC coupled solar based on the actual installed battery size.

  • For an Off Grid system, the minimum battery capacity that must be connected to the SP PRO varies depending on SP PRO model, an overriding minimum battery capacity and the combined maximum SelectSun AC Output.

SP PRO Firmware Requirements
  • SP PRO Software Version 11.00 or higher is required. To check software revision run SP LINK, connect to the SP PRO and go to Data View > Technical Data > “SP PRO Revision” and “Software Version”
  • The SP PRO must be Series 2 or 2i and revision 21 or above.
  • Older revisions of firmware must be updated to firmware revision 11.00 or higher
  • Do NOT change any configuration settings until firmware is updated

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Data View  Technical Data screen

Additional Information
Visit the Selectronic: Knowledge Base or contact Selectronic via the Customer Portal.