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Installation Note: IN0055 - Rev 03

Section 2


The SP PRO must be installed in an Powerchain three phase configuration.

It is good practice to number each SelectSun inverter from 1 up to 5 so that each inverter can be easily referenced within SP LINK.

SelectSun AC wiring
The SelectSun AC output wiring must be connected to the AC Load terminals of the SP PRO in accordance with local wiring rules for correct operation.

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SelectSun AC Wiring guide for Grid connected installation

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SelectSun AC Wiring guide for Off Grid installation

NOTE: The system will NOT function correctly if the SelectSun inverters are installed on the AC Source side of the SP PRO.

RS485 Connection to First SelectSun

The communication link always starts at the SP PRO L1 and links to the SelectSun inverter 01 “RS485 IN”, then connects to all the SelectSun inverters in a daisy chain arrangement and finishes at the last SelectSun inverter.

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Connect the two supplied SelectSun communication loom to SelectSun inverter 01 “RS485 IN” and “RS485 OUT”.
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Using the supplied ‘CAT5’ network cable connect one end to the SP PRO serial communication PCA "RS485 Port 2" and the other end to SelectSun inverter 01 “RS485 IN”.

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The last SelectSun inverter of the daisy chain must be terminated. Connect the supplied RJ45 termination connector to SelectSun RS485 OUT”.
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Connecting SelectSun Link Between Inverters 02 to 05
The following configuration outlines the connection for multiple SelectSun inverters to the first SelectSun inverter (SelectSun inverter 01).
If only a single SelectSun inverter is installed, skip to Page 11: CONFIGURATION  ADDITIONAL SETTINGS.

Located on the bottom of the SelectSun inverter there are two RS485 connectors labelled as RS485 IN” and “RS485 OUT”. The SelectSun RS485 is designed to interface with multiple SelectSun inverters in a daisy chain arrangement as shown below.

When looping a SelectSun inverter to another SelectSun inverter, use a network patch lead and connect the RS485 OUT” from Inverter 01 to “RS485 IN” of inverter 02, and “RS485 OUT” from inverter 02 to “RS485 IN” of inverter 03, etc. until all inverters in the system are connected.

The last SelectSun inverter of the daisy chain must be terminated. Connect the supplied RJ45 termination connector to SelectSun “RS485 OUT”.

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Configuration – Additional Settings

It is recommended that the Site Configuration wizard (in SP LINK 11.00 or higher) be used to configure the SP PRO settings. Using the wizard will ensure all SP PRO settings are compatible with the managed AC coupled system.

The settings detailed below will be set when the Site Configuration Wizard is used to configure the SP PRO. Only the settings required to enable SelectSun Managed AC Coupling are shown. The remainder of systems settings will be set by the Site Configuration Wizard.

The SP PRO MUST be configured BEFORE any of the SelectSun inverters are energised.

In the SP LINK tab, Configuration Settings > System, make sure the follow settings are set:

  • String Inverter is set to SelectSun
  • Number of Devices is set to the number of SelectSun inverters installed in the system
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SP LINK > Configuration Settings > System tab

In the example used above, one SelectSun inverter is connected to the SP PRO.

Additional Information
Visit the Selectronic: Knowledge Base or contact Selectronic via the Customer Portal.