PVI and DM in Series - recommended

The data cable pinout is different between the ABB UNO PVI units and ABB UNO DM units and a straight through data cable will not work correctly.

UNO PVI RJ45 Pinout
1 :
2 :
3 : +TR : + Data Line
4 : +R : Remote Off
5 : -TR : - Data Line
6 :
7 : RTN : Signal Return
8 :

SP PRO and UNO DM PLUS/DM PLUS Q RJ45 Adaptor Cable
1 : RTN : Signal Return
2 : RTN : Signal Return
3 : +TR : + Data Line
4 :
5 :
6 : -TR : - Data Line
7 :
8 :

PVI units must remain the first units in the RS485 link and subsequent units can be DM PLUS and DM PLUS Q units.

A non-standard RJ45 to RJ45 cable needs to be made to allow UNO DM units to connect into the series of PVI units.

Cable from last PVI unit to DM unit as follows:

Image Placeholder

PVI      DM
Pin -> Pin
 3   ->  3
 5   ->  6
 7   ->  1

When looping an ABB to another ABB, the termination jumper must be set to “OFF” (away from ON), except for the last ABB UNO only, where the termination jumper must be set to “ON”.

PVI and DM in parallel - not recommended (anecdotally less success with this method)

- Use the "To other AC Coupled Inverters" middle port on the Interface PCA/Sergio card in SP PRO to connect to ABB Uno DM/any ABB other than a PVI

- Use the "To ABB AC Coupled Inverter" left port on Sergio card to connect to PVIs

- The UNOs will be addressed first sequentially starting at # 2. All PVIs will be addressed sequentially and last.

- 120 ohm termination resistors must be set to ON in last ABB of each string, last PVI and last Uno

- The dip switches at SP PRO comms card next to RS485 Port 2 must be set to OFF